Top Tips on Maintaing Your Window Tint

One of the many different things that you can have done to your property that can be both functional and stylish is to have your windows tinted. Window-tinting is something that can not only protect your indoor space and furniture from the heat but also provide your window with a stylish look if you wish. The overall process of installing them can be hassle-free when done right and there are different options to choose from. Once you have a window tint applied though, there are certain points to know regarding its maintenance to avoid any possible issue.

Maintenance Points

Having your windows tinting can be an investment of energy saving for your home and is generally a low-maintenance feature. When it comes to maintaining your tinted windows, however, there are certain things to keep in mind:

Wait Before the First Cleaning

The moment a window tint instalment is done does not necessarily mean that the entire application of the window tint is done. Similar to concrete, window tinting undergoes a curing process before it can be considered fully finished. Depending on the type of window tint that you have chosen, some dry completely within a couple of days, while others need at least a week.

During that period, the window tint is especially vulnerable to scratching and lifting. If you clean it too early, the extra moisture can get in between the tint material and the glass, resulting in bubbles forming. You can prevent this by following the consultation of the professional that installed it and cleaning it when it is ready and cool.

Use Gentle Methods/Solutions

If you aim to use any cleaning solutions for your windows, you will want to go for gentler options. One good method you can go for is to clean with liquid dish soap diluted in warm water. Never use any abrasive solutions or any that contain ammonia, vinegar, or alcohol. If any of them are applied to the window tint over time, it will affect the adhesives and the film itself, resulting in faded areas, and even bubbles if the film starts to lift.

The best tools you can use to clean your tinted windows would be soft cloths and synthetic sponges, though you will want to be gentle with your scrubbing. You can also apply a cleanser in spray form or with a dampened cloth. Overall, a careful cleaning can do a lot for your window.

Dry Before and After Cleaning

One of the bigger factors that can cause issues for tinted windows is there is any leftover moisture retained over time. Before you start cleaning, you will want to make sure there is no leftover moisture on the window. It’s best to use a soft, dry cloth to soak up any moisture and when doing this, it can allow to also check for any visible lifting or damage to the film. Like when you are washing the window, you will want to dry along the seams to capture all moisture. You can also use paper towels around the window sill, but not on the glass itself.

How Can Townsville Window Tinting Help You

Knowing the different ways you can maintain your window tint and prevent any possible damage from improper keeping can do a lot in the long run but ensuring a quality instalment can certainly ease things. A number of different services can provide a number of different service options but when choosing Townsville Window Tinting, you’ll find a reliable team of professionals you can consult for any window needs.

From choosing the right tint to determining the right time and way to upkeep your tinted windows, you can be ensured an open communication and quality service with Townsville Window Tinting.


Window tinting can be a long term investment to have for your home if your area is prone to plenty of hot weather. However, if you want to ensure that your tinted windows can last as long as possible, you will want to know the proper maintenance for them. From properly waiting till the first clean to ensure it is completely dry before and after cleaning, there are different ways you can prevent different issues for your tinted window with the right care.

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