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Residential Window Tinting

Natural light is a great addition to your house, and that is precisely why so many homeowners opt to build many windows into their walls. However, there is probably an equal number of people that are reluctant to have windows despite the aesthetic value simply because they do not want to risk their safety.

You don’t have to choose one over the other. With Townsville Window Tinting, you can have the creative liberty to style your home however you want without having to worry about anything else! We offer expert services with the best material possible to ensure that you have a safe and protected home.

One of our specialists installing a window tint in a house

Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

There are so many ways tinting can add value to your home. It’s not all for aesthetic; it can also give you an extra layer of protection, literally. Our team at Townsville Window Tinting has compiled the reasons why you should invest in residential window tinting.

Provides comfort
Your home is a place for rest and relaxation, so why should you hold back in making it the most comfortable it can be? One way window tinting can give you the pleasure you deserve is by giving you a cooler place to relax. Especially as Townsville is known to have humid weather, tinted windows can keep the unwanted Sun’s rays out.

It’s cost-effective
You wouldn’t need to use the air conditioner as often if you’re already comfortable with the temperature of your house, reducing your electricity consumption. In the long run, if you continue to use your cair conditioners less, then your monthly bills would significantly be lower. Getting tinted windows is definitely something to consider if you’re aiming to invest in a long-term solution.

Reduces health risk
It’s terribly dangerous to be exposed to ultraviolet rays for long periods of time, especially as they’re the most dangerous in the electromagnetic spectrum. If you’re almost always in contact with it, your skin will undoubtedly get damaged, and who would want that? The best way to approach this is to get your windows tinted to block off the UV rays from outside.

Provides a more secure home
One of the critical aspects of having your own home is that you can feel safe and secure. It’s like your haven, but if you know that it can easily be accessed and seen by random passersby, your contentment might get affected. Getting dark-tinted windows can ensure that the inside of your house can remain invisible to the public eye.

More than that, some tint materials are intentionally made to be thick enough to fight off small pieces of debris. If there’s a typhoon coming, rest-assured your windows will not crack easily, especially by smaller fragments of broken glass.

What other services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services that includes car tinting, residential tinting, and commercial tinting in Townsville.

One of our employees preparing the tinting sheet to fit a car door window

Car Window Tinting


Tinting your car has become necessary in today’s heating world. Not only that the car tint would enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

A specialist from Townsville Window Tinting checking a tint sheet before installing

Residential tinting


You might not think that tinting your home windows is important but contrary to popular beliefs, window tinting in your house can…

A home window tinter installs a tint in a glass door

Commercial Tinting


As more and more architects and designers pivot towards a more open and engaged design in commercial space, the use of glass walls has…

Mobile Window Tinting

Car Tinting

Residential Tinting

Commercial Tinting

Solar Films

Glass Scratch And Stain Removal

Chip Guard

Decorative Window Film

Car Wraps

We primarily offer a window tinting service and installation in Townsville. We specialize in car window tinting, as well as both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting. Call us today on (07) 4243 6104 to get let us know how we can help you.

The cost of our services vary on the type of service you need. There are different factors to consider in determining how much you need to pay. You can call us at (07) 4243 6104 to talk to one of our customer representative and walk you through the different options available to you and how much each of them would cost.

No. We value your time and we believe that it is better for us to come to you instead. All we require is an area on a private property with or without covers like a driveway, garage, carport, or even front or backyards with space of approximately 5×5 meters and access to a power point within 40 meters radius.

Our graceful customer support representatives are available to assist you with all your inquiries and needs. You can contact us via email through [email protected] or call us at (07) 4243 6104 to reach one of our customer reps.

We use only the best and the highest grade products when tinting your windows – may it be on your car, your homes, or your office. Call us today at (07) 4243 6104 to inquire on all the available window tinting options. 

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