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Commercial Window Tinting

Townsville is known to be quite warm and humid, and this is especially true in the summer season. With the main source of heat being the Sun, it can be difficult to create a cooler environment for your business or even just any other building if you have a considerable number of windows in the establishment.

While these windows can create a professional and modern aesthetic to your building, some would opt not to build them mainly because of the heat. However, with Townsville Window Tinting, you can have the perfect compromise between style and practicality. Our team of experts can easily aid you in creating the best look for your building, moreover, give you the benefits of commercial window tinting in Townsville.

One of our specialists installing a window tint in a house

Why Should You Tint Your Windows?

Suddenly tinting one’s windows can become quite a bold move for some, which can make you hesitant to avail of these services, so we, at Townsville Window Tinting, have compiled various reasons why you should tint your windows.

Creates a cooler environment
As mentioned earlier, the Sun’s rays can quickly enter your establishment through your windows. If you haven’t tinted them yet, this can cause a humid environment for your workers or even students for schools, which can effortlessly decrease productivity. Our team would love to provide you with the comfort that you deserve and help you get efficient with just a simple visit.

Reduces electricity consumption
If the temperature isn’t uncomfortably hot all the time, you wouldn’t need to turn up your air conditioner. This simple increase in the temperature of your conditioner’s settings can make a significant contribution to decreasing your monthly electricity bills. Thus, tinting your windows is a cost-effective way of making your environment cool and comfortable!

UV ray protection
If you’ve spent thousands on your office furniture, you wouldn’t want to damage any of it, would you? The ultraviolet rays from the Sun will undoubtedly harm your furniture’s material, and it would cost you a lot to have them repaired. More than that, these UV rays can also permanently damage your employee’s skin, which would be quite difficult to remedy.

A very quick and efficient way to solve these problems is to tint your windows. Every shade, even the clear ones, can provide a safety layer for whenever those dangerous rays try to enter your building. Our team at Townsville Window Tinting would love to assist you in picking the best shades for the safety of you, your furniture, and your employees.

Promotes security
Clear windows can expose your important files and employees to various sources of danger, so tinting them would be the best move! Adding a darker layer to your windows can keep those prying eyes away from your essential documents, and the identity of your staff can also be protected.

What other services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services that includes car tinting, residential tinting, and commercial tinting in Townsville.

One of our employees preparing the tinting sheet to fit a car door window

Car Window Tinting


Tinting your car has become necessary in today’s heating world. Not only that the car tint would enhance the aesthetics of your vehicle.

A specialist from Townsville Window Tinting checking a tint sheet before installing

Residential tinting


You might not think that tinting your home windows is important but contrary to popular beliefs, window tinting in your house can…

A home window tinter installs a tint in a glass door

Commercial Tinting


As more and more architects and designers pivot towards a more open and engaged design in commercial space, the use of glass walls has…

Mobile Window Tinting

Car Tinting

Residential Tinting

Commercial Tinting

Solar Films

Glass Scratch And Stain Removal

Chip Guard

Decorative Window Film

Car Wraps

We primarily offer a window tinting service and installation in Townsville. We specialize in car window tinting, as well as both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting. Call us today on (07) 4243 6104 to get let us know how we can help you.

The cost of our services vary on the type of service you need. There are different factors to consider in determining how much you need to pay. You can call us at (07) 4243 6104 to talk to one of our customer representative and walk you through the different options available to you and how much each of them would cost.

No. We value your time and we believe that it is better for us to come to you instead. All we require is an area on a private property with or without covers like a driveway, garage, carport, or even front or backyards with space of approximately 5×5 meters and access to a power point within 40 meters radius.

Our graceful customer support representatives are available to assist you with all your inquiries and needs. You can contact us via email through [email protected] or call us at (07) 4243 6104 to reach one of our customer reps.

We use only the best and the highest grade products when tinting your windows – may it be on your car, your homes, or your office. Call us today at (07) 4243 6104 to inquire on all the available window tinting options. 

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