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Car Window Tinting

Have you ever wanted to hide from the passersby as you rest in the car park? It can be quite embarrassing, especially if you haven’t particularly dressed up or even just put on something presentable. Not just that, if you’ve ever wanted to elevate the look of your car, there is a very easy solution to your wants and needs.

Car window tinting is an efficient way to add to or even create the whole aesthetic of your car, but that’s not all that it can offer. Tinting can provide you with the comfort and protection that you undoubtedly deserve, and Townsville Window Tinting will ensure that you get the best experience.

Why Should You Tint Your Cars?

Most people do not pay attention to the advantages that car window tinting can offer you, but our team at Townsville Window Tinting is here to guide you through it all! We prioritize you above all else, and we can guarantee that we will do everything we can to accommodate your needs.

Increases your security and privacy
The most common advantage that people recognise when thinking of car window tinting is privacy. Of course, since the tinting makes your windows look darker, the inside of your car will not be seen from the outside. It’s also part of your security: you wouldn’t want dangerous people to recognise you from your car alone.

Decreases the temperature in your car
Because of the added darker layer that tinting brings, the sunlight and other sources of heat can be minimized. Plus, once the heat gets into your car, there is no way for it to come out, instantly creating a greenhouse effect within your vehicle. When you avail of Townsville Window Tinting services, you can so easily decrease the humidity in your car.

Saves energy
Since it reduces the overall temperature inside of your car, the vehicle’s engine will not need to blast your air conditioner to keep you comfortable. Some cars do it automatically, and with the tinting, they wouldn’t have to expend energy to keep you cool. Avoiding this can also reduce your gas consumption, which can save you money in the long run!

Blocks radiation from UV rays
Ultraviolet Rays are the strongest and most dangerous type of ray in the electromagnetic spectrum. For this exact reason, you must be cautious of your exposure to it as it can cause significant and permanent damage to your skin.
Not all types of tinting can prevent these rays from entering your home, but the material that our service uses can certainly do the job for you!

Reduces glare
Rays from the Sun can very easily damage your eyes if you drive for longer hours during the day. Your eyes barely get sufficient rest since you obviously can’t close your eyes while you’re on the road. With car window tinting, you can easily reduce your exposure to sunlight at a relatively small cost!

Regulate Heat Inside the Car

Car window tints block most of the UV rays from the sun that causes the greenhouse effect inside your car. The more heat enters your car, the more heat and humidity get trapped.

Provides Privacy

When driving around, you don't want the entire town to see what's happening inside your car. Besides, your car is an extension of your home; thus, it isimportant to protect your privacy by having your car windows tinted.

Protect Car Interiors

When direct sunlight hits your leather chair covers, it gets faded over time. The same is true with other materials including your carpeting.

Save on Fuel

When heat is trapped inside the car, your engine's built-in air conditioner will compensate by exerting more power and using more fuel as it does so. Therefore, in the long run, you will be saving a lot of money from reduced fuel costs if you have your windows tinted.

What other services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services that includes car tinting, residential tinting, and commercial tinting in Townsville.

One of our employees preparing the tinting sheet to fit a car door window

Car Window Tinting


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A specialist from Townsville Window Tinting checking a tint sheet before installing

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We primarily offer a window tinting service and installation in Townsville. We specialize in car window tinting, as well as both residential window tinting and commercial window tinting. Call us today on (07) 4243 6104 to get let us know how we can help you.

The cost of our services vary on the type of service you need. There are different factors to consider in determining how much you need to pay. You can call us at (07) 4243 6104 to talk to one of our customer representative and walk you through the different options available to you and how much each of them would cost.

No. We value your time and we believe that it is better for us to come to you instead. All we require is an area on a private property with or without covers like a driveway, garage, carport, or even front or backyards with space of approximately 5×5 meters and access to a power point within 40 meters radius.

Our graceful customer support representatives are available to assist you with all your inquiries and needs. You can contact us via email through [email protected] or call us at (07) 4243 6104 to reach one of our customer reps.

We use only the best and the highest grade products when tinting your windows – may it be on your car, your homes, or your office. Call us today at (07) 4243 6104 to inquire on all the available window tinting options. 

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